The event

The Surge Camp

This year we were lucky enough to run for the second time The Surge camp. And once again  it took place in Douala ,Cameroon our hometown.

Thanks to our partners we were able to set a platform where kids from all over Cameroon had the opportunity to showcase their talent and learn about the importance of academics.

The trailer




Ballogy was the perfect partnership with us because they aligned with all the principles we preach to our young basketball players. The souped-up technology Ballogy provides is imperative in enabling us to track progress. This technology is tailored to our convenience as coaches as it enables us to analyze, dissect, and arrive at meaningful conclusions out of the data we assess. It also provides specific instructions for those who are looking to pursue a career at a high level while simultaneously evolving into a reputable player.

The presence of Ballogy is also a necessity for what we do on a day to day basis. The reason is because there is a visibility component that enables young African kids to be seen throughout the world of basketball by way of the verified data through Ballogy's innovative technology. The partnership with The Surge runs parallel with our vision to help give these young student-athletes visibility and various opportunities throughout the continent. With tracking progress and with the wealth of reliable data Ballogy has to offer, we have statistical expertise that truly allows us to analyze the best attributes of each player. This runs hand in hand with us being advocates for their future and also broadening their opportunities and not only enhancing their feel for the game but rectifying any evident holes visible in their game.