How we got started

Cosmo Basketball is a Non-profit 501c 3 which was founded in 2017. in 2015, following my official retirement from basketball, there was a desire I expressed about staying involved with the game and helping mold the youth.

Beyond coaching and cultivating talent, I envisioned myself using basketball as a platform to create opportunities for my brothers and sisters in my homeland, Africa. 

I was fortunate and blessed to have people help me on my journey. I knew I wanted to have that same role, to open up doors for others who may have not been given the same opportunities, honors, and privileges of playing NCAA collegiate basketball and receiving a first rate education in America.

And so I began helping kids earn athletic scholarships for basketball to various schools in the U.S. The plot worked and after helping a dozen promising young kids find a hardwood home in America, I realized there were certain flaws to this method. 

Truthfully, realism set in. I came aware that we could not bring all of Africa and Europe. Even if we did, there was no clear way to solidify a home for all of the young people. So, I took a more effective and realistic route and began running camps and clinics for the youth.

My initiative was to head back home periodically and operate camps for the youth. This would be a promising path to promote education, leadership, and instill the same values I gained from my own experience.

I knew my experience in the U.S. and gaining an education was a valuable one, I wanted others to not be deprived of such an opportunity. My goal is to convince the ensuing generation of young men and women from Africa that you don't need to flee to the United States to find happiness and fulfillment.

Realistically, I wanted to build that culture in my homeland and increase the opportunities and the love of the game amongst young people. The SURGE was born. My platform aims to help make this dream of the basketball culture growing prominently in Africa a reality. 

The top tier talent will still have the opportunity to come to the states or travel Europe, because those places always have opportunities with the sport. I, however, never wanted the kids in my homeland to feel like they were limited because of the lack of opportunity in Africa. 

So, taking on the role of coach and mentor has been special in not only connecting with young people and enhancing their knowledge and spirit for the game, but giving back to a community that could use help. Please join me in helping use my camps as a launchpad to greater success academically, athletically, and spiritually.

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each one teach one

What we do


We use basketball to get the kids attention and  preach to them what we feel is important. Sports is an amazing vehicule that brings people together for a common goal. Our continent future is in the hands of the youth and that's why they are the focus of our efforts.   

How we do what we do


Working alongside our local partners, we travel to a variety of schools and stress the importance of staying in school and attaining an education. We speak about how to utilize education and how to make better decisions, and how these decisions will ultimately lead them to a more prosperous life. We value character, hard work, education, and we stress these principles to young people.

Our goals


Our ultimate goal is to create a platform for the youth in Africa, through organized and consistent basketball competition where they can learn valuable skills through education. Help them understand the power of affective leadership in changing lives and the future of the continent.